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At the Library

Cultivating Change Across Campuses

Promoting great opportunities for students of color one campus at a time.


BLAC is committed to creating opportunities for students of color across predominately white institutions (PWIs), high schools, colleges and universities through various charitable acts and engagements in order to create individual and collective success.


Fostering The Next Generation of Leaders

BLAC is committed to promoting change throughout predominantly white institutions (PWIs), high schools, colleges and universities in order to give students of color better opportunities and more avenues to succeed.


Building Legacies Across Campuses seek to establish partners who’ve paid witness to racism, bigotry, and neglect throughout these institutions in order to change the narrative and opportunities for students of color.

Real Stories From Real Students

The time for change has never been more urgent.

“Students and teachers always confuse me with a Black guy in a grade ahead of me.  To this day, every time I’ve run into a White person from the school, they call me this man’s name.”

“I had a girl on dorm tell me that slavery wasn’t bad.  That it was actually really beneficial and that the slaves were treated well.  I of course confronted her right there and then but I was told to calm down… and that girl just kept laughing.”

“In class a White female student said police brutality against black people must be something new because she never heard it before.  Nope, not new.  Thinking like this is the epitome of having White privilege.”

There is very little I would change about my past four years and I have made unforgettable memories. This is not to say that my school is perfect, but I believe that the generations of incoming students for years to come — Asian, black, Latinx, white, and more — all have something to gain from all feeling a little bit more at home with the support of faculty members and student alliances.

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